Animal Re-Homing

We always have a variety of cats, dogs and other small animals - and sometimes more exotic ones - that need a loving new home. As well as re-homing, we sometimes consider animals for fostering. Fostered animals are usually older, and we help out with costs such as vet's fees.

It is in everyone's interest, not least the animal's, that the right home is found, so please read the important information below and use the buttons to see the animals we currently have.  You can see a video about RSPCA re-homing, and other useful information, on YouTube. The video talks about animal centres, which we don't have, but the principles of what we do are the same.

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If after considering all the factors, you think you really can give one of our animals the love and commitment they deserve, please contact us - unless another number is given, see below.

Please note that we do not have an animal centre and our animals are in various locations, so it is important to contact us as a first step. Some people have had long and wasted journeys because they have failed to do this.

For some animals, there is a different number that can be used to speak to the people who actually have the animal. However, these people are individuals, not connected to the RSPCA. We publish details in good faith to help the animals find a new home.

We hope you might be able to give a new home to the animals here, because they so desperately need one, but if you would like us to tell you of any particular animal who might come to us in the future, please contact us.

Your responsibility

Please think very carefully before beginning the adoption process:

  • An animal is a living creature which will be dependent on you for the rest of his/her life.
  • Dogs and cats can, and often do, live well into their teens; sometimes beyond!
  • Some long-haired cats can require up to an hour's grooming every day, and all dogs need to be walked two to four times a day and given plenty of training!
  • Is your lifestyle suitable for the animal?
  • Veterinary care and insurance can be expensive. A significant financial commitment is needed; this is why we don't give animals away free.
  • Dogs and cats left alone for long periods can become unhappy and destructive.
  • Puppies in particular need a lot of attention. They are naturally playful and can be destructive if left for more than a short while.
  • It is important to bear in mind that in some instances animals may have experienced trauma or mistreatment in their lives and need homes that can provide special care and patience.

Our responsibility

We need to ensure that any animals we re-home will live in suitable circumstances. We usually expect new homes to meet a few simple criteria and for dogs especially, we do not allow the animal to be re-homed until a home check has been satisfactorily completed.

The circumstances we expect for a re-homed animal are as follows.

  • Puppy/young dog: no children under 5 years old, a secure garden and not left alone for more than 3 hours at a time.
  • Dog: no children under 5 years old, a secure garden and not left alone for more than 5 hours at a time.
  • Cat/kitten: no children under 5 years old, not near a busy road, and ideally with a cat flap fitted.
  • Small mammals: a cage or hutch of adequate size, in a suitable position, with an appropriate source of stimulation, etc.

We can offer advice on any particular needs of the pet and explain the support we can give.


As noted above, owning a pet means a significant financial commitment. This is why we don't give them away free like a toy. We pay for neutering, microchipping and vaccinating all adopted pets (as appropriate) - or in some cases, make an equivalent contribution for these procedures. Cats are blood-tested for FIV, etc.

When we take in an animal and find him/her a new home, we obviously also have to pay for accommodation, food and any veterinary treatment needed. On average the complete cost to us is about 900 for each dog, and 500 for each cat, we re-home.

Our fees are:

  • Dog/puppy: 100
  • Cat/kitten: 50
  • Rabbit: 40, or 70 a pair
  • Guinea pig: 25, or 40 a pair
  • Small mammal: 15
We may vary these on a case by case basis, especially for older animals.
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