Re-Homing Cats


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All our cats have been tested to ensure they are free of feline AIDS and leukemia.


Age: 1 year

Breed: Domestic short haired

Gender: Female


Not the best picture of this young lady, but she is a wriggler who refused to cooperate with the photo shoot! She is absolutely adorable though, and desperate for someone to shower her affection on. She is petty laid back too, so pretty much anything goes, other than being ignored for too long.


Age: 3 years (approx)

Breed: Domestic short haired

Gender: Female


Look at her pretty face! Kitty is a shy girl so would benefit from an adult-only home that can give her the patience and love to bring her out of her shell. She is really very sweet young cat, who loves a fuss. We think she may have been an indoor cat, so she needs somewhere with the option of staying indoors if she wants to.


Age: 10 years (approx)

Breed: Domestic short haired

Gender: Female


Queen Daisy loves nothing more than lounging around and being fussed by her loyal subjects. Despite her slightly more mature years she loves a good play, and has killed many innocent feathers and mice on elastic. When she doesn't have anyone to attend to her needs, she seems quite content watching the world from her window sill. Daisy has had cat flu in the past, and is prone to stress which can bring out some symptoms, so she would like a calm environment please, with no boisterous dogs. Daisy hasn't needed to see a vet yet, but we will consider covering cat flu related vets bills if needed.


Age: 4 years (approx)

Breed: Domestic short haired

Gender: Male


Look at this little dude! Relaxing in his foster home garden. This young man is super affectionate and friendly, and adores having his tummy tickled, no matter what his tail tells you. He seems to be absolutely fine with other cats, and calm dogs, but if you do have other cats in the house they would need to be fully vaccinated, as he has had cat flu in the past.


Age: 7 years (approx)

Breed: Domestic short haired

Gender: Female


This very gorgeous, sleek girl has been in another centre for some time, so really is in desperate need of rescuing. We think she is about 7 years old. She is very affectionate, and vocal, and loves people. She really isn't too keen on other cats though, so she will need to be the only cat in her manor, otherwise, she really is quite lovely!


We sometimes know of cats who are not in our care but are nevertheless in need of a new home for various reasons. Some of these are below. Because we don't know the cats so well as those we have in our care, we pass on the details in good faith but can't vouch for them.


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