Re-Homing Cats


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All our cats have been tested to ensure they are free of feline AIDS and leukemia.


Age: 12-14 weeks (approx)

Breed: Domestic short haired

Gender: Female


Flora landed in our care as stray who had go herself stuck. She was well cared for and clearly hadn't been out long so we felt sure someone would be looking for her, but sadly no one has come forward so she's now looking for a new forever home. She can be quite flexible too on account of her sweet nature, but we think she may like someone around a good part of the day as she is still quite young (12 to 14 weeks).


Age: 13 years (approx)

Breed: Domestic short haired

Gender: Female


This poor girl was very unceremoniously dumped at the Laurels vets with no history or explanation, and since no on has come forward to claim her she is now looking for her new forever home. We aren't sure of her age but we think around 7 but she has lots of life in her. We think she would be best suited to an adult only home as she's quite feisty and independent, as most torties are, but she loves a fuss too, on her own terms of course.


Age: 7 years (approx)

Breed: Domestic short haired

Gender: Female


This very gorgeous, sleek girl has been in another centre for some time, so really is in desperate need of rescuing. We think she is about 7 years old. She is very affectionate, and vocal, and loves people. She really isn't too keen on other cats though, so she will need to be the only cat in her manor, otherwise, she really is quite lovely!


We sometimes know of cats who are not in our care but are nevertheless in need of a new home for various reasons. Some of these are below. Because we don't know the cats so well as those we have in our care, we pass on the details in good faith but can't vouch for them.


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