Getting Help

For a lot of general help about caring for animals, please visit the national RSPCA website - see our front page.

We can help you in several ways. To qualify for the following assistance, you must live in Herefordshire, be receiving a means-tested benefit, and show us proof of this. We then give you a voucher that your vet will accept towards the cost of treatment. Your vet should have an application form.

  • If your pet needs medical treatment and you can't afford to pay the full vet's bill, we can probably contribute to the cost.
  • We can probably help with flea and worm treatment for your pet.
  • Although we no longer have a branch scheme for neutering cats, there is now a National Scheme run in conjunction with the Cats Protection League for those on benefits or low income. See

If you know of an animal that needs a new home, we may be able to help. Please remember, though, that we do not have unlimited resources. We will do all we can, but can't work miracles.

We may be able to help you have your pet microchipped.

There may be other ways too that we can help.

Please see our contact page for how to reach us.

To report cases of cruelty, or animals that are injured or suffering, please call the 24-hour Cruelty and Advice Line on 0300 1234 999

 Calls are charged as if to an 01 number, so are free if you have a calling package that includes free calls to 01/02 numbers.

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