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We work in Hereford and throughout the county to further the same animal welfare aims as the national organisation, (Please note: we are not in a similarly named county just north of London!).
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The Branch is run entirely by volunteers and its main role is finding new homes for domestic pets, especially those rescued by RSPCA Inspectors and other field staff. We also help people with vets' bills.

In 2018, we re-homed 22 dogs, 48 cats and 5 rabbits. We carried out nearly 400 neutering, microchipping, and home visit activities.

Running the Branch costs about £85,000 every year (£1,600 each week) and we rely entirely on donations and legacies for this. We also depend heavily on volunteer effort.  

The RSPCA Inspectors and Animal Welfare Officers are part of the national organisation, not our Branch, but they are active in Herefordshire too. In a typical recent year, they responded to over 1,500 calls in Herefordshire, involving almost 3,000 animals.

Over 500 of the calls were complaints about suspected ill treatment or suffering of nearly 1,600 animals, including over 500 dogs, almost 500 farm animals, almost 200 cats and over 150 horses. The other calls were about animals who were lost, injured or needed to be rescued. Most of these were wildlife, but also included cats, dogs, farm animals, etc.


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