Pet Care

For a lot of general help about caring for animals, please visit the national RSPCA website

  • Vaccination. Puppies and kittens should be vaccinated to prevent a variety of serious, and potentially fatal, illnesses. It is then equally important to ensure your pet is given a booster vaccination every year to continue protection. Rabbits should also be vaccinated; recently a family lost all their children's rabbits through mixomatosis.
  • Fleas and worms. In addition to irritation and blood loss, fleas can cause skin problems and carry disease. Worms often go unnoticed until they make your pet ill. Regular treatment is simple, cheap and prevents many problems.
  • Neutering. Neutered pets live happier, healthier lives. Neutering can reduce aggression, straying and health problems in later life. Above all, it prevents unwanted litters. There are plenty of pets needing homes without adding to the numbers. It is not necessary for a female to have one litter before spaying and if your bitch does receive "unwanted attention" an injection can be given, up to 72 hours after mating, to prevent pregnancy.
  • Health Checks. Regular visits to the vet help to identify problems before they become too serious.
  • Microchipping. This is a simple and effective way to identify your pet for life and to help their return when lost.

We may be able to help with some of this. Please see our "getting help" page.

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