Privacy Policy

This privacy statement covers the RSPCA Herefordshire Branch's website at

Where links are provided in this website to other websites, those other websites are not covered by this statement.

The RSPCA Herefordshire Branch will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data is kept securely and to respect the information privacy of all visitors to its website.

Data collection

If the RSPCA Herefordshire Barnch's website collects personal information from visitors to the site, it only does so with the permission of the individual. Where appropriate, information is provided to explain the reason for collecting this data and outlining any other uses which we would like to make of this data. We will provide an opportunity to opt out of any further uses of this information and an explanation of what these uses will be, where relevant.

The RSPCA Herefordshire Branch's intention is that all data collection is open and obvious to the site visitor.

If any information is collected, the padlock symbol is used to alert site visitors to the fact that their information is being collected and will be followed by an explanation of how their information is to be used.

Data protection

The RSPCA Herefordshire Branch has comprehensive data protection policies. You have a right to know about the personal data the RSPCA Herefordshire Branch holds about you. You have a right to object to the receipt of direct marketing or campaign information sent to you by the RSPCA Herefordshire Branch. Please address all enquiries about the RSPCA Herefordshire Branch's data protection procedures to the Secretary at the RSPCA Herefordshire Branch's address.

Freedom of Information Act 2000

The RSPCA Herefordshire Branch does not believe that it has any formal obligation under the Act. It is not a designated public authority. However, the Branch fully supports the principle of openness and will endeavour to supply information to enquirers whenever possible.

As a charity relying entirely on voluntary donations, the Branch will have to take into account the purpose of any request for information and the costs involved in providing it for the enquirer.

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