Animals to sponsor

Sponsoring one of our animals in long-term foster care is a great way of helping him or her out. Even if circumstances prevent you giving the animal a home yourself, you know you are helping him or her get the loving care they deserve. It also allows us to find new homes for even more animals in need.

How it works

You choose which of the following pets you would like to sponsor, in return for a monthly donation of however much you want to give (minimum £2). You then get a certificate, with a a photograph of the animal, confirming your sponsorship. You will also receive occasional e-mail updates about the pet.

Because the animals are fostered in private homes, unfortunately visits to them will not usually be possible, but opportunities to meet them may arise.

Setting up direct debits is very expensive for us, so we ask that you make your donation by standing order, as the method that is easiest for both you and us.

If you would like to sponsor any of the pets below, please contact us.


Rooney has been with his fosterer for 6 years, having been found in a local village with foot injuries and blindness in one eye. We think that he had also had cat flu at some time because he gets snuffly and chesty at times and requires treatment periodically for this. Rooney is a very loving cat and is happiest when sat on his fosterer’s lap. He is an older gentleman now, we think around 13-14 years of age, and will spend the rest of his years where he is happy and settled and receiving the treatment that he sometimes needs.


Alice was on the streets for about two years and her condition when she came into our care suggested that she may have been beaten and kicked. She will stay with her fosterer because she is very unpredictable and can become aggressive if unsure of things. Although she can be grumpy at times, she trusts her fosterer and family and just likes to feel secure in her environment. Alice has been with her fosterer for four years and we think she is about 7 years old.


Monty is an elderly cat who came into our care as a stray with severe cat flu and a very matted coat. The vets had to shave off a lot of his fur but this is beginning to grow back. He also had several very bad teeth that needed to be extracted.

Monty’s chest is now clear but he can become quite snuffly at times and requires regular medication to help him. He is a lovely old cat who loves to sit in the window at his fosterer’s and watch the world go by and he even has times when he wants to play for a while! Monty will stay in our care so that we can provide him with the treatment he sometimes needs.


Lucy is a lovely old lady of 14 who came into our care because her owner could no longer look after her. She is a sweet little dog who has a few health problems and who hates to be picked up! Lucy lives with her older fosterer and they give each other love and company. Lucy is very happy and contented and will spend the rest of her days in her foster home.